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Interactive Maps

With a few clicks, create and share your interactive maps with booths and spaces!

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Booths and spaces

Customize your maps with booths and spaces.

Save time by customizing interactive maps and easily access your artist, vendor, and exhibitor information in real-time. Each booth can be assigned to applicants and include booth-specific details such as tables, chairs, electricity, etc. The map automatically generates a legend based on booth assignments. As an event organizer, you can decide if you would like vendors to select their own booth space or you can select booth spaces for them. When you’re done, share it with all your vendors!

Ticketed Seating Chart

Design Custom Seating Charts Connected to Your Tickets

Easily create a seamless experience for your ticket buyers by automating your seat assignments with Eventeny’s ticket and map integration. You can design seating charts by drawing seats in bulk or arraigning them individually. When a ticket is connected to a map, ticket buyers will be able to independently assign their own seats at check-out - increasing buyer satisfaction and saving organizers a lot of time and energy! Get ready to start creating stellar auditorium/theater seating, banquet hall seating, sectioned arena seating, conference/boardroom seating, and more.

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Attendee focused

Give your attendees some love. No download required!

Create an interactive map to guide your attendees through the exhibitor hall or artist alley. They can search for vendors, exhibitors and artists from any device and without having to create an account or install a software.

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Layers and icons

It’s all about the layers and icons.

Customize pins, create booths, spaces, and add your own icons. Choose a map layout, seamlessly upload your own background map, start from scratch on a blank canvas, or connect it with Google Maps. Design and share your unique map with the world. Print high-resolution images for high-quality printing and your map on your website.

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The team at Eventeny have been absolutely amazing to work with. They have been incredibly responsive, have been able to make amazing updates to the platform in record time, and have been very helpful to the partners and exhibitors who we brought to the platform. They have gone above and beyond in every aspect.
Christopher Stuckey
Ease of use

Copy, paste, and repeat.

Created 10 maps with 400 booths but you have recurring events? No worries! You can easily copy all your maps to new events. Easily organize and find all your maps and vendors per event.

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Work with team

Decide what maps you would like to share with your team.

Create maps that you would like to share with the general public or create private maps with sensitive data to the right people. As the event organizer, you determine who sees your maps and who helps to build maps along with you.

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Eventeny made it so easy to collect and process applications! No more confusion and chasing vendors for information or payment. Best of all, the team was always available to help and responsive to product improvement suggestions. Aly & Nausheen were a real pleasure to partner with and I look forward to using more of the platform's capabilities in years to come!
Andrew Feury
Kirkwood Spring Fling
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