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Your Event Ticketing & Registration Made Easier

Create and customize your ticket and registration process using Eventeny's user-friendly attendee management tools like custom form creation, mobile check-in with QR entry, add-ons, deliverables, documentation checks, and group messaging - just to name a few!

Move forward contract-free and start experiencing the easiest way to create, sell, and grow your event with Eventeny!

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Create Unlimited Tickets in Minutes Using:

Create unlimited applications for you event.

Custom Forms

Sponsor recognition throughout the event.

QR Mobile Check-in

Create and assign single or multiple booth spaces.

Add-ons & Deliverables

Artists, vendors, and exhibitors can build their marketplace.

Double Badge Entry

Create unlimited applications for you event.

Documentation Checks

Create unlimited applications for you event.

Discount Codes

Create unlimited applications for you event.

& So Much More!

Psst! You can even get started contract-free! 😉

Start Experiencing Easier by Managing Attendees with a Breeze!

If there is one thing you should know about Eventeny, it's that we make things easier!

Revenue generation

Revenue Generation

Discover how Eventeny can help
increase your ticket value!

Onsite check-in

Onsite Check-In

Learn how simple your onsite
check-in can become!

Data management

Data Management

Experience easier
communication & reporting

Colorado anime fest

Colorado Anime Fest
Google Review

"...In the post-covid world, in a year with over 40% growth from our last (2019) show in the Before Times, with Eventeny's help and advice we were able to maintain a fast checkin and onsite sales process that kept lines short and attendees happy. I would recommend this team and this app without any reservation to any event runner who sits still long enough for me to sing their praises..."

Easier Revenue Generation - Sell, Upgrade, & Upsell

Customize your ticket/registration process to increase ticket value by making it easier for attendees to purchase add-ons, your team to distribute deliverables, & more!

Develop custom forms

Sometimes you need more than just the basics! Create custom questions that make sense for your ticket/registration process and make managing your attendees easier.

Common uses:

  • Signing terms & conditions
  • Source tracking (i.e., where did you hear from us?)
  • Demographic data collection
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Set Discounts

Generate revenue faster by creating customizable discounts with percentage-off and BOGO options tied to coupon codes for easier tracking and selling.

Common uses:

  • Affiliate discounts
  • Private group accommodations
  • Marketing promotions
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Design Tickets with Deliverables

Increase ticket value with customizable deliverables that can be redeemed easily at check-in. Deliverables can be tied to specific tickets & are included in the base ticket price.

Common uses:

  • Venue tours
  • Event swag
  • Exclusive content
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Create Custom Add-ons

Increase revenue with easier upselling by developing custom add-ons that can be added to cart during an attendee's ticket/registration purchase. Add-ons can be redeemed at check-in.

Common uses:

  • Merchandise
  • Food/drink credits
  • Exclusive Content
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Easier Onsite Check-In Process

Ensure your attendee's event experience starts flawlessly with an easy mobile check-in system that both your registrants and ticket scanners will love!

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Mobile Check-In with QR Codes

Use the Eventeny mobile app to check-in your attendees (and other event participants) on-the-go. Plus, your ticket scanners can leave their printed deliverable list at the office as the Eventeny mobile app will automatically show which deliverables are attached after scanning, making redemption easy!

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Create unlimited applications for you event.

Double Badge Check-Ins

Have a multi-day event with a complex registration process? Simplify your management by setting-up your tickets/badges for multiple check-ins!

Sponsor recognition throughout the event.


Make on-site payment collection easier with terminals tied to your ticketing system. Speak with a specialist to see how terminals could work for you!

Easier Data Management

Gain deeper insights into your event audience, track success, experience easier reporting, and rejoice in knowing your attendee data is tracked and saved event-to-event and year-after-year!

Ticket analytics

Real-time Analytics & Export Options

Analyze your key performance indicators in real-time to measure the success of your event!

Group Messaging

Save time by sending mass messages to your attendees with important information. Segment your communications easily by applying ticket/status filters and including/excluding tags.

Common uses:

  • Send event reminders
  • Communicate parking procedures
  • Pass along weather updates
  • Exclusive thank yous to VIP buyers
Group messaging
Tagging and event history

Tagging & Event History

Create custom tags that can be easily applied to group/identify attendees. Tags and office notes are saved within the event history so you and your team are always on the same page.

Common uses:

  • Identify special accommodations
  • Mark violations
  • Track communication
Tagging and event history

Documentation Checks

Event security and health solutions are baked directly into our attendee management system for activation for when, or if, they're needed.

Common uses:

  • Identity verification
  • Health documentation checks
Documentation check

See What Event Organizers Have Been Experiencing

190,000+ tickets have been sold through Eventeny!

Colorado anime fest

Colorado Anime Fest

"My event management team switched to Eventeny in 2021 and our experience has been nothing short of stellar. The Eventeny team understands our industry so well, and has a strong grounding in fandom-genre conferences in specific. They have been incredibly responsive and helpful, reaching out to check in, offer suggestions, and even gather ideas for new features and options. When we needed support and ideas to improve our pre show and onsite ticket handling, our Eventeny rep and support team came to the table with ideas large and small that helped us drastically improve our process AND our attendee checkin experience. The system worked flawlessly, with most transactions under 30 seconds, zero faults, and more options than we were even using this year!

In the post-covid world, in a year with over 40% growth from our last (2019) show in the Before Times, with Eventeny's help and advice we were able to maintain a fast checkin and onsite sales process that kept lines short and attendees happy. I would recommend this team and this app without any reservation to any event runner who sits still long enough for me to sing their praises.

Next year I can't wait to dive into the whole suite of features, applications, forms, and customer contact options. We are all thrilled, and there's still so much to explore!"

Sedona Arts Festival

Sedona Arts Festival

"After switching to Eventeny for our online ticket sales last year, we received more online pre-sales than we ever have! The ease with which customers can purchase tickets is AMAZING. No unnecessary log-ins, no orders that did not go through, no fuss! We are so pleased and will continue to work with Eventeny to utilize all they have to offer!"

Autumn Topsail

Autumn with Topsail Festival

"We are now planning our second season of events with Eventeny! What they have to offer made our vendor application and ticket purchasing processes so easy. We saved so much time and paper!! There were plenty of new things to learn in getting set up. The team was so responsive and professional and with such patience! I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with the platform and the people!"

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